Friday, August 15, 2008

Tiki Tom's Mural for Mosaic Mural Making Intensive

Tiki Tom's Mural laid out on floor before installation:

I am teaching a Mosaic Mural Making Intensive (week-long) at Institute of Mosaic Art this week and we have completed a neat mural for a local restaurant and bar in our neighborhood- Jingletown- in Oakland.

Mural Dimensions 3.5' x 7.5 ft.
Materials: High- fire ceramic tile and mirror with handmade tiles.

There are 11 (!) students in this class and we set the mural in four days. I designed and coded the mural before class started using Tiki Tom's logo and business card as starting points/ inspiration. Also researched Tiki themed designs and riffed off some Tiki fabric for the design of handmade border tiles. My neighbors Saundra Warren and Cynthia Elliot helped make the tiles.

Students came from as far afield as Indiana and Wisconsin to participate in the class, which is geared towards intermediate/ advanced students and teaches them how to create a permanent large scale- mural on a mesh backing (in the studio) and install as a team on site.

We install this Saturday/ Sunday and then hope to celebrate with some Tiki themed beverages.

Mural design and facilitation by Laurel True and True Mosaics Studio. Mural production by students of Mosaic Mural Making Intensive at IMA, August 2008- all names to follow in next post with pics of installed mural.

Cartoon and coding for Tiki head and flowers.

Completed section.

Cartoon and coding for hut and palm tree/ flowers.

Completed sections put together with border tiles mocked up.

Students Diana White, Megan Cain and Malu Wu working on flowers.

Students Judy Toupin and Estelle Akamine working on Tiki head.

Day two, mural in progress. Students are working hard.

More pictures of students and in progress shots to be posted on the IMA flickr site soon.

Note: Tiki Tom's is not yet open and is located on 29th St. right on the Oakland side of the esturay at the foot of the Park St. bridge (going to Alameda). They say they will be opening in mid- September!