Saturday, March 27, 2010

Memorial Mosaic Mural Project in Jacmel, Haiti with Youth Using Salvaged Materials

Laurel True will be traveling to Haiti in June to work with local youth and adults and collaborate with Haitian and American artists to design and create a mosaic mural in partnership with the Art Creation Foundation For Children in Jacmel, Haiti.
Youth will collect materials salvaged from the devastation of the earthquake in January, which will be repurposed with love into a memorial mosaic mural commemorating the loss of life and homes and celebrating the healing and rebuilding in Haiti.
The project will focus on skill building and mosaic training for youth and young adults so that they may use these skills for future entrepreneurial development.
The mural will be centrally located in the coastal town of Jacmel, Less then 20 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake. Subsequent phases of the project may include development of a seating area and gathering space for residents and visitors which will invite introspection and reverence for those lost as well as providing for a hopeful, inspirational and life affirming vision for the future.